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VIVO Federation Component

This component provides a Java application that allows for the importing, enriching and exporting of bibliographic data in VIVO RDF (, based on a mapping to the VIVO ontology. More specifically, it will set up an agINFRA VIVO RDF store that application developers will be able to enrich, ingest and expose to the users of the VIVO network. In addition, depending on the technical developments within the VIVO initiative, further liaison and collaboration will be explored in order to allow for targeted harvesting of agricultural scientific data from the VIVO network as well.

Responsible body(ies):

Usage and deployment (if publicly accessible)

Deployed and tested using real VIVO instances. The VIVO-CERIF translator has been completed according to the mapping document provide by EUROCRIS.

The VIVO component is run by command line as a Java JAR project. As a .jar, the VIVO component can only be executed to do the importation or exportation of data.

The “Import” and “export” components are deployed. The first one allows the user to upload (import) a VIVO RDF graph to the Grid for further processing. The second one allows the user to enrich the bibliographic records with information exported from other systems like Google Scholar or AGRIS.

The two modules are available at GitHub in the address

Example Usage Scenario

Marta is a graduate student of computer science in the University of Alcalá. Although she has passed all the exams, in order to get her degree, she needs to write an MSc thesis. She has chosen to focus in Information Engineering, and works with professor Marcos, an expert in the field. He proposes Marta to develop an application which, given a graph of people and quantifiable connections between them, this application returns the strongest related node to each node of the graph.

Before agINFRA

Marcos is a researcher and publishes many papers, and so he proposes to Marta to do some ground inquiries with the VIVO network. This network provides a lot of information about researchers, publications, projects. But Marta is only interested in authors’ names and publications. She has to write her own code to get the data from VIVO.

agINFRA powered version

Marta discovers agINFRA, which provides her with a component to access easily to the desired data from the VIVO database, and also allows her to write a program to process the data within the parallel infrastructure. Now Marta is a little closer to get her diploma.


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