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agINFRA makes available e-infrastructure, software components and services to application developers, information managers and researchers in agricultural and related research areas. Salzburg Research participates in agINFRA with the Linked Media Framework (LMF), made available for developers as generic software and information managers and researchers as a domain-focused application.

Before agINFRA

LMF generic software development and availability

The Linked Media Framework (LMF) software has been developed over several years in the context of goals and advances of research and development for the Semantic Web, which in recent years has been re-labled and gained new momentum in the Linked Data movement. A precursor of the LMF development was the KiWi - Knowledge in a Wiki project (EU FP7-ICT, 2008-2011), lead by Salzburg Research. The core LMF software was then created 2011-2013 in a national project of the Salzburg NewMediaLab, which is hosted by Salzburg Research. In November 2013 the LMF became a top-level project of the Apache Software Foundation, called Apache Marmotta. None of the generic LMF software development was conducted in the agINFRA project. But the Apache Marmotta project will help ensuring sustained further development and maintenance of the software by a community of committed developers.

Current status of the LMF / Apache Marmotta

The LMF basically is a Linked Data Server (built mostly on Apache products) that provides various web services for core and specific Linked Data functionality, e.g. configuration, data import/export, dataview, SKOS support, information extraction, indexing, SPARQL query, semantic search, etc. The final LMF version (v3) and now Marmotta have been developed to provide an open platform for Linked Data (LD). Highlighted features include: Read-Write LD, RDF triple store with transactions, versioning and rule-based reasoning, SPARQL, LDPath query, transparent LD caching, and integrated basic security mechanisms. Furthermore worth noting is that the LMF and Apache Marmotta development builds on the W3C recommendation API for Media Resources 1.0 (13/03/2014), and draft Linked Data Platform - LDP 1.0 (16/09/2014).

Generic software documentation and availability

Salzburg NewMediaLab / SRFG: LMF documentation and source repository,

Salzburg NewMediaLab / SRFG: LMF software download, latest version 3.1, October 2013, Apache License 2.0,

Apache Software Foundation: Marmotta documentation,

Apache Software Foundation: Apache Marmotta source repository, latest version 3.2.1, May 2014, Apache License 2.0,

agINFRA powered version

agINFRA LMF use case & application development

Within agINFRA the work focused on a use case and application of the LMF for information managers and researchers, including the provision of the application as a Cloud-based service.

For the specific use case the area of water resources and hazards such as torrents, floods, etc. was selected. Several potential users working in the target area in Austria were contacted and interest in an LMF application for their purposes was expressed by all of them. This included the international research society Interpraevent, hosted by the Regional Government of Carinthia, with members in Austria, Germany, Italy, Norway, Slovenia, Switzerland, Japan and Taiwan.

In a study on this domain in Austria we found that the target group has good access to data which they need for their work (e.g. geophysical, meteorological, hydrographic, environmental data). In contrast, the situation concerning various required documents (e.g. research reports, grey literature, historical chronicals, etc.) appeared to pose a significant problem. Information managers at public agencies as well as researchers reported that since many years they had collected a large stock of publications (papers, reports, grey literature) but never managed to organize it properly (e.g. metadata is missing).

Here capability to find and access specific information within hundreds or thousands of documents would be highly appreciated. This would allow for extracting information about events that have been observed, measurements that have been reported, etc. Therefore the primary goal of the LMF application was defined as follows: The application should allow end-users to find where in a large number of documents certain scientific or professional terms have been used, aggregate the relevant paragraphs, and extract the paragraphs and literature references for various purposes (e.g. a report on events or field observations in a region, a research papers on a special topics, etc.).

The application was developed at Salzburg Research and ported as a virtual machine on the INFN Catania Clever Cloud (IP address: The LMF - Marmotta; version 3.0 was used as it provides all functionalities required for the use case

agINFRA LMF application software documentation and availability

agINFRA LMF - Marmotta core service,

agINFRA LMF - Marmotta: RESTful API,

agINFRA LMF - Marmotta bundle (.war),

agINFRA Use Case application,

agINFRA LMF application search interface,

Evaluation of the agINFRA LMF use case application

The evaluation report of the use case application is available here.

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